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My Stamps World (s80) - Malaysia First Day Cover : 2003

Malaysia First Day Cover : 2003

Islands And Beaches Of Malaysia Series II (Pulau-Pulau dan Pantai Peranginan Malaysia Siri II)

XIII Conference of Head Of State Or Government Of The Non-Aligned Movement (Sidang Kemuncak Negara-Negara Berkecuali Ke XIII )

46th Indepedence Celebration (Sambutan Ulangtahun Kemerdekaan Ke-46)

Motorcycles and Scooter 2003 (Motosikal Dan Skuter 2003)

The 10th Session Of The Islamic Summit Conference (Sidang Kemuncak Islam Sesi Yang Ke-10)

50th World Children’s Day Celebration (Sambutan 50 Tahun Hari Kanak-Kanak Sedunia)

My Stamps World (s79) - Malaysia First Day Cover : 2003

Malaysia First Day Cover : 2003

Southern Seow (Kambing Gurun)

Father Of Independence (Bapa Kemerdekaan)

Roses In Malaysia (Mawar Di Malaysia)

Coronation HRH Sultan Selangor IX (KemahKotaan DYMM Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah Sultan Selangor Ke-9)

Coronation HRH Sultan Selangor IX (KemahKotaan DYMM Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah Sultan Selangor Ke-9)

Fighting Fish (Ikan Pelaga)

Historical Place – Clock Tower (Tempat Bersejarah - Menara Jam)

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My Stamps World (s78) - Malaysia First Day Cover : 2002

Malaysia First Day Cover : 2002

Pendeta Zaba 1895-1973

Kebaya Nyonya

Celebration 80 years SITC-MPSI-IPSI-UPSI 1922-2002 (Sambutan 80 Tahun SITC-MPSI-IPSI-UPSI 1922-2002)

The Tame and the Wild (Yang Jinak Dan Yang Liar)

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My Stamps World (s77) - Malaysia First Day Cover : 2002

Malaysia First Day Cover : 2002

Installation of His Majesty Yang Di-Pertuan Agong XII 2002 (Pertabalan Seri Baduka Baginda Yang Di-Pertuan Agong XII)

Aquatic Plants (Tumbuhan Akuatik)

Tropical Birds (Burung Tropika)

Islands and Beaches Of Malaysia (Pulau-Pulau & Pantai Peranginan)

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My Stamps World (s76) - Malaysia First Day Cover : 2002

Malaysia First Day Cover : 2002

KL 2002 Hockey World Cup (Piala Hoki Lelaki Sedunia)

Rare Flowers (Bunga Nadir)

Species Of Snakes In Malaysia (Spesies Ular Malaysia)

Express Rail Link (Stesen Sentral Kuala Lumpur)

17th World Orchid Conference Malaysia 2002 (Persidangan Anggerik Sedunia Ke-17)

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Awesome Taiwan Trip 2013-Part 2 (台灣寶島之旅 2013)

Awesome Taiwan Trip-Part 2 (台灣寶島之旅 2013)

On the way to Kaoshiung, we toured Fo Guang Shan 佛光山 to visit the Buddha Memorial. The main statue of the temple is 108 meters high and considered as the tallest statue of the world. At night we reached 高雄 Kaoshiung and take a boat ride to Kaoshiung Love River 船游高雄爱河to watch the big yellow duck plying at the love river and watch the beautiful night view of the city. At night we checked in to Kaoshiung International Citizen Hotel.

佛光山 Fo Guang Shan

佛光山 Fo Guang Shan

船游高雄爱河 Kaoshiung Love River

Day five we left Kaoshing to Jiayi 嘉義 to go to Allisan 阿里山國家風景區. On the way we stopped by the famous Everlasting Hanging Bridge 天长地久桥 to take photos. We had our lunch at Fen Chi Lake Railway centre to taste the famous lunchbox. Late in the afternoon we arrived at Alisan Gou Hotel. After checked in, we went to the Sister lake and temple. The temperature was cold. Next day, early in the morning we used train to go up the mountain to watch sunrise…..

天长地久桥 Everlasting Hanging Bridge

阿里山 Allisan

Day six we left Jiayi to Taichung to go to Sun Moon Lake Scenic Park.日月潭风景区 We climbed up the Observatory Deck 向山观景台to view the lake from high and far. We continued to Wen Wu Temple 文武庙. This temple worships Confucius, Gunan Gong and Yue Faye. At night we visited the Fong Jia night market 逢甲夜市 to taste the various Taiwan snacks. Thereafter, we were transferred to T-One Chung Hotel in Taichung.

日月潭 Sun Moon Lake Scenic Park

向山观景台 Observatory Deck

Day seven we strolled the tallest building in Taiwan, Taipei 101. Next we visited Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall 中正纪念堂. We visited Ximenting 西門町 to enjoy the delicious snacks. Wego biscuit shop 维格饼家 is famous for its various favor biscuits. At night we had a fantastic time at Shinlin night market 士林夜市 to enjoy the delicious food. Thereafter we checked in to Champion Hotel.

Taipei 101

西門町 Ximenting

士林夜市 Shinlin night market

On Day eight 12 October 2013, we were transferred to the Taipei Taoyuan International Airport at 5am for early flight departure with the beautiful memories of Taiwan. However, we wished to express our sincere thanks to our Taiwan Bao Dao Holiday Tourist Guide 小黃 and 黃師傅 who had given us an excellent service…..Thanks.


Awesome Taiwan Trip 2013-Part 1 (台灣寶島之旅 2013)

Awesome Taiwan Trip - Part 1 (台灣之旅 2013)

We made a trip to Taiwan on 5 October 2013 for eight days using Malaysia Airline (MAS). We arrived at the Taipei Taoyuan airport at 9.15pm late at night and were received by the Taiwan Bao Dao Holidays tourist guide and transferred us to the Taipei Gosleep Hotel 台北高絲旅時尚旅店. By the time we arrived at the Gosleep hotel, it was already 10.15pm. We checked in to have a good sleep for the start of our tomorrow journey.

On day two, we had our breakfast in the hotel at 7.00am. At 8.00am we are met by our Bao Dao tourist guide小黃. Our group consisted of nine persons from east Malaysia, west Malaysia and Singapore. We used a coach heading Hualian to go to Chiufen 九份. All vehicles could not drive straight to Chiufen but had to stop at certain point, to be picked up by another bus to reach the destination. In fact Chiufen is Taiwan longest and oldest street selling souvenirs, small fancy items, key chains, special homemade biscuits, drinks and snacks. It has become one of the Taiwan popular tourist centre.

九份 Chiufen

We left Chiufen heading to Sue Fah 苏花公路 to Taroko National Park. 太鲁阁国家公园 It was famous for its steep cliffs , valleys and rivers. The scene is amazing due to the thousands year of natural erosion of the mountainous, cliff landscape. Swallow Grotto 燕子口步道 is in fact caused by swifts and swallow nesting in the holes of the cliff face. Eternal spring shrine 长春祠 was built at this area to memorize the workers who died while building the mountainous, winding road to Taroko National Park. At night we checked in to Manbo Holiday Hotel 花蓮漫波大飯店.

苏花公路 SueFah

太鲁阁国家公园 Taroko National Park

太鲁阁国家公园 Taroko National Park

长春祠 Eternal spring shrine

长春祠 Eternal spring shrine

For day 3 we left Hualian 花蓮to Taitung 台东 to visit the Chih Sing Tan Lake 七星潭风景区. Various type of water activities 鯉魚潭踩船 such as paddling in the water is popular among the youngsters. From there on, we visit the Rei Sui Farm 瑞穗牧场 to see the beautiful farm scenery and affluent grassland. We visited the Lunchbox Museum, toured the Luye Highlands 鹿野高台, to get the high condescending view, to enable us to see the distant mountains, rift valley and farmland. Later on we were transferred to Taitung Chihpen Goya Hotel Spring 台东知本温泉. We checked in to the hot spring hotel to experience the hot spring spa and relaxed.


瑞穗牧场 Rei Sui Farm

鹿野高台 Luye Highlands

For day 4 we visited Kenting Park 垦丁国家公园 to have some knowledge of the various tree species that were grown in the park. We were introduced to Taiwan’s first light house which is in Eluanbi Park 鵝鑾鼻風景區 It is located in the southernmost tip of Taiwan. The light house is known as the light of the South East Asia and considered as one of the eight wonders of Taiwan. Afternoon we toured the National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium 国立海洋生物博物馆 . The museum consists of three theme parks exhibiting Taiwan Waters, Coral Kingdom and World Waters. The Coral Kingdom Pavilion has an 84 meters underwater tunnel built in 1.5 million gallons of man-made ocean. Tourists can experience the gorgeous of the coral world.

垦丁国家公园 Park

鵝鑾鼻 Eluanbi Park

国立海洋生物博物馆 National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium


to be continued ... (Part 2)